Historic Cemetery of the Highlands is located in southeastern Orange County in Highland Mills, New York.

The cemetery has been serving many generations of families in the community for over 175 years. As a non-sectarian cemetery, we offer for sale – estate plots, individual graves and columbarium niches to ALL faiths.

When choosing cemetery property, there are many important considerations. The most important of these is the knowledge that the cemetery is soundly operated and will maintain its function as a natural sanctuary for the memories of our loved ones and for our own heritage. The Cemetery of the Highlands, Inc. has assured that stability through its permanent maintenance account.

The future of the cemetery is secure and safeguarded, enabling it to continue serving generations of families for years to come – “because every life is worth loving and remembering – always”


The mission of the Cemetery of the Highlands, Inc. is to honor and preserve the heritage of the past, provide for and respect the needs of today and bestow a legacy for tomorrow.